Japanese Language Courses

The Japanese Language Courses were organized to respond to the increasing demand for Japanese language education in Laos. In 2012, JF started to support Japanese Courses of LJI. 
The standard language course is 2 hours long and one semester is 4.5 months or 18 weeks. The elementary level (B1-BS3) is completed in 3 years. In order to improve to more high skills. The intermediate levels (In1-In3) for a year, is recommendable. 
There are several opportunities such as studying in Japan, study tour, scholarship for students who get a great score. In addition, Japanese Courses offer summer course for student and tailor-made courses for companies.

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Regular Courses

Opening: September- January / March – July (One semester, 4.5months)
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Goal level / JLPT N5
 * Participants are expected to learn Japanese culture and conversation . 
* Participants are able to communicate with Japanese about family, shopping and work. 
* Learn about Japanese social culture (4 seasons, State of the town) 
* Be able to read and write 100 kanji.

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Goal level / JLPT N4
* Participants are expected to make self introduction about hobby, experience and future. 
* Be able to talk politely and talk casually according to the scene and partner. 
* Be able to read and write 300 kanji.

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Goal level / JLPT N4 - N3
* Organize basic sentence patterns and extend operational ability. 
* Extend reading and listening skills for intermediate lessons. 
* Be able to read and write 350 kanji.

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Goal level / JLPT N3
* Be able to talk about general social topics. 
* Be able to get Japanese information for listening and reading. 
* Be able to read and write 500 kanji.

Introductory Course

LJI offers an introductory course for beginners in Japanese. The content consists of reading and writing hiragana and katakana and basic conversation. After finishing the introductory course, and passing an achievement confirmation test, a regular course is recommended to transfer.

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Special Course

Summer Course

In July or August, LJI mainly offers Japanese and culture experience courses for high school students.

Tailor - made Course

LJI provides Tailor- made course according to the request considering budget and purpose. LJI also dispatch lecturers to customers place.

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Japanese speech contest

Every year, students who are interested in speaking Japanese can apply for competition in Japanese speech contest. The first prize winner in the intermediate level will be the representative of the country in joining Japanese language Speech in Japan together with representatives of Asian countries.

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All of them are expertise in Japanese Language

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Monephet sensei

In1, In2 & In3

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Vithouna sensei

B2 & B3

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Malychanh sensei

B1, B2, B3 & B4

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Thongkhanh sensei

B3 & B4

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Viyaked sensei


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Sengaloun sensei

B4 & B5

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Sengdao sensei


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Keolakhone sensei