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LJI Business Management Journal
Volume. 9, Published on September 2018, Page 1

Knowledge management in organization of the President’s affiliated office, National University of Laos

Khamphouy Vilaysouk & Bounlouane Douangngeune



This research study focuses on the transformational leader ship which may have effects on the performance of the employees in the security business using KVP Security Service Co., Ltd located in Vientiane Capital as a case along growing investment and demand for better-quality services and products by the consumers. The company under study has been in operation for 17 years with various clients and different standards and options demanded by them. The study employs a quantitative approach to data collection and analysis in order to achieve the reliable findings and test whether the transformational leadership of this particular organization has an effect on the performance of the staffs or not. The leadership styles are measured through the multi factor leadership questionnaire developed by Avolio and Bass (1992), modified to fit the context of the study. The finding show that transformational leaderships are in positive correlation with the employee’s performance and this relationship is statistically significant. The result suggest that supervisors in the company need to use a lot of transformational leadership behaviors or rather embrace transformational leadership style in order to create greater effects on quality of performance.

Laos-Japan Human Resource Development Institute, National University of Laos, Vientiane, Lao PDR

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Khamphouy Vilaysouk & Bounlouane Douangngeune. (2018). Knowledge management in organization of the President’s affiliated office, National University of Laos. LJI Business Management Journal, 9, pp 1.