Software Application for Research

To learn statistical techniques,  input data into the program SPSS, data analysis

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Course Content

To learn statistical techniques, the choice of statistical techniques used to analyze the data for research, input data into the program SPSS, data analysis using descriptive(Frequencies, Parentage, Mean) statistics and data analysis using reference statistics(T-test, F-test, Chi-Square)with SPSS software. presentation of data analysis and explanation of the meaning of the Research.


Head of Research and Post Graduated Division, LJI

Ph.D from China

Length:                10 days (30 hours)

Effort:                  3 hours per day

Class time:         Monday – Friday (17:30 – 20:30 PM)

Place:                  Laos-Japan Institute

Paticipant:          General

Language:           Lao / English

Price:                   850,000 Kip/Person

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Tel:            030 5841519