Master Program in Business Administration

The master degree program in business administration of Laos-Japan Human Resource Development Institute (LJI) in cooperation with the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration (FEB), under technical support of Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), is designed to develop qualified human resources with a good balance between theoretical and practical knowledge of management to support market economy development under a strong regional and global economic integration process, especially towards ASEAN integration. The graduates of this program will have sufficient knowledge and skills necessary for successfully working in globalizing Laos and beyond.

Admission requirements:

1)The applicant has to hold a bachelor degree in a related field

2)at least two years of work experience

3)a sufficient level of English proficiency

4)applicants who have basic knowledge in business administration or economics will be given the first priority

5)a fresh graduate from a bachelor degree program in business administration or economics with an outstanding academic record may also be considered

Period of study:
  • Twenty-four-month MBA program (two years)
  • Lecture on Monday ~ Friday
  • Time: 17:30 ~ 20:45 (Evening course)
Tuition fee:
  • Tuition fee: 28,600,000 Kip. 
  • Application form fee: 80,000 Kip (Buy application form at LJI)
Languages used:

The course will be taught 50% in Lao and 50% in English by Lao professors and Japanese Experts


Students review

LJI MBA is a very well refined course with non-profit and aims to develop students to become excellent personnel. This is the reputation of LJI.
The things that I have learned from the MBA course are very useful for my current work. Additionally, the community of my classmates is very precious to me. I k1eep in touch with them even now.
works at Lao National Radio
The specialty of LJI MBA program is the cooperation between the two countries (Laos and Japan) and also the collaboration with other civilized countries. The 1st is to recognize on how to solve such problems that may occur, the 2nd is learning from qualified teachers who have studied the collective principles which have been proven throughout the past and that we may know the results of such proof can be applied in real practices.
Entering the MBA program at LJI, students can kearn from highly private sectors. qualified professors. Another value is mutual exchange of experiences among students who have come from many professions in the public and In all subjects, the students will be assigned to work together in various workshops, there is a great variety of work exchanges in multi-field experience involved in this course.


Extracurricular activities are one of the five principles set out by the Ministry of Education and Sports, which are designed to build solidarity between faculty and students; Create an exchange of experiences between alumni and current students studying at LJI.

Main activities will include football, petanque, and an exhibition of products or merchandise of alumni and current students, LJI also allows students to organize a development site visit and giving donation to rural schools in another province.

Study Tour

The LJI-MBA program, under technical support of JICA, is designed to produce graduates who have a good balance between theories and practice in business/organization management. The program offers core subjects and seminars covering various dimensions of management, as well as allowing the students to undertake a master thesis research on a topic of their interests.

Apart from in-class studies, the program organizes various site visits within Vientiane Capital, in important economic strategic provinces across the country and one study tour abroad (particularly Thailand) for all students in order to expose the students to successful management cases. Moreover, supported by JICA in each batch two-three outstanding students from the program will be selected to get a great opportunity going for study tour in Japan for about two weeks.


The Alumni Network was established in 2010, with the aim of building a network between each MBA student and a bridge between LJI and society. Each year, a meeting will be held between alumni and individual students in the middle of December.