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LJI Business Management Journal
Volume. 9, Published on September 2018, Page 15

Strategic management of retail industry in Lao PDR in the context of ASEAN economic integration

Yuqin Zhong & Bounlouane Douangnguene2


     Nowadays, managers and entrepreneurs are facing the fact that environments may change at any point of time and hence any plans made should follow a strategy that includes contingency planning too. Strategic management is an on-going process of formulating profitable strategies to the organizations and creating harmony between the organization and its external and internal environments. As ASEAN economic integration has been deepening, retail industry grows increasingly recent years in Lao PDR. Although there are more and more convenience stores appeared, but at the present, M-Point Mart is still the one which has the largest network in Laos and seems operates successfully.

    This study is aim to propose strategic management options for M-Point Mart Co., Ltd in Lao PDR by conducting external and internal environmental scanning. With the excepted outcome as 1) To get a better understanding of the environment of M-Point Mart and propose strategic options and 2) To give reference example for other convenience store in Laos. This research utilizes a qualitative methodology due to it prone to acquire well-rounded and comprehensive knowledge of the study company. The author conducts an external and internal environmental scanning for M-Point Mart based on the statistics and information collected through both face-to-face interviews and phone interview.

    In the result part of the study, the author shows the current situation of M-Point Mart in a concisely way by utilizing SWOT analysis and then propose some suggestions according to the given conditions, at the same time using the world’s largest retailer 7-Eleven as its benchmarking, with the wish that this research provides a point of reference for M-Point Mart and the other retailers.

 2 Laos-Japan Human Resource Development institute, National University of Laos, Vientiane, Lao PDR

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Yuqin Zhong & Bounlouane Douangnguene. (2018). Strategic management of retail industry in Lao PDR in the context of ASEAN economic integration. LJI Business Management Journal, 9, pp 15.