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Laos-Japan Institute was selected to be a host for Overseas Training in Lao PDR for the first year of the 6th batch stduents of PhD Professional TORYUMON from Nagoya University in 2018. the program will be run until 12 Oct 2018.

This training program has a theme on Sustainable Development of Lao PDR for the accomplishment of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of United Nations.
Objective of the training: To understand the present situation on the address of the Laotian government towards their SDGs, and major issue concerned, and to consider a project which may contribute to the accomplishment of Laotian SDGs. 
This training program aims to improve the skills and competencies of participants in understanding diffirent culture, communications, proposal and solution, and presentation by giving them opportuinites to study the present socioeconomic problems of the country, and the address of Lao goverment towards thier SDGs, and to experience of a project, through a group-study with Lao students, which may contribute to the accomplishment of Lao SDGs.

There are 11 students attend at this training program, 7 PhD students from Nagoya University and 4 MBA students of Laos-Japan institute from National University of Laos. and 5 members of Nagoya University (Proffesor, lecturer and staff)

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Warmly wecome address and gave a speech at the ceremony by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Bounluane DOUNGNGEUNE, Director of Laos-Japan Institute, National University of Laos.


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Opening Remark by Prof. Naoshi Sugiyama, Coordinator of PhD Professional TORYUMON, and Dean of the Graduate School of Sciene, Nagoya University.


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