why LJI is a place for business training


90% of the participants answered that the training contents were useful according to the results of the questionnaire conducted at each training.

Japanese style management

Some training courses were held by Lao lecturers and some courses by Japanese experts who has experience in lecturing both theory and practice.

Tailor-made course

LJI has provided 3 kinds of training courses which the participants can select. Regular courses and keiei-juku program are organized at LJI. Tailor-made course is organized at the company

The MBA Program is jointly implemented by LJI and the Faculty of Economics and Business Management (FEB), NUOL. Established in 2008, this 2-year program is taught by Japanese experts & Laotian Lecturers aiming to produce graduates with a good balance between theories including Japanese-style management theory and practices. This program includes business trip to Thailand supported by JICA . As of October 2020, there have been 362 graduates from this program.

our Business courses

a specialized management skill development program for top management of enterprises.

Business startup

aimed at cultivating entrepreneurial characteristics among young people through providing practical training, 

participants will be able to upgrade his/her skills in seeking to develop and keep clever human

learn statistical techniques, the choice of statistical techniques used to analyze the data for research, input data into the program SPSS, data analysis using descriptive

Emphasize on leadership skills development for individual staff and management so that they can improve their emotional intelligent, expressing own right assertive, arts of listening and speaking

Project Management

Being Good Project Manager, Being Winner in Your Business. Learn the world class tool as the principle “PMBOK” in Project Management, Listen, think & practice with insights in managing projects in Laos

Customer reviews

What people say

LJI MBA is a very well refined course with non profit and aims to develop students to become excellent personnel This is the reputation of LJI
The specialty of LJI MBA program is the cooperation between the two countries (Laos and Japan) and also the collaboration with other civilized countries The 1 st is to recognize on how to solve such problems that may occur, the 2 nd is learning from qualified teachers who have studied the collective principles which have been proven throughout the past and that we may know the results of such proof can be applied in real practices
work place
Entering the MBA program at LJI, students can kearn from highly qualified professors Another value is mutual exchange of experiences among students who have come from many professions in the public and private sectors. In all subjects, the students will be assigned to work together in various workshops, there is a great variety of work exchanges in multi field experience involved in this course
Both short courses and the MBA program are the most beneficial studies for improving my business. I am very proud that I learned in this institute.
Director of Daosavanh Garment Factory
The things that I have learned from the MBA course are very useful for my current work. Additionally, the community of my classmates is very precious to me. I k1eep in touch with them even now.
works at Lao National Radio
During the course, teachers shared their own experiences, taught interesting theories, and gave comments for my reports. Moreover, I could get a big oppotunity to go to visit Japan. Thanks to JICA support.
works at Savannakhet University
This Keiei juku program contained key unique differences in contrast with other institutions First we can learn the techniques in sustaining business in the spirit of Japan that can keep on growing over one hundred years Second all professors are experienced business practitioners Third, all participants will given the opportunity to visit companies in Japan, which will be great learning opportunity of Japanese We will be deeply touched by the spirit of doing Japanese business
Hatsavanh HAREMANY
On the very first day of the Keiei juku program, I already found that this program is fitting with my current business situation since it provides immediate solution to issues which I was facing Therefore, I would like to say that I am proud of having been part of this program
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