LJI Business Management Journal

Volume. 8, Published on July 2017, Page 55

The knowledge management in medium size Agricultural Company

The case of Mittaphab Development Agriculture Company Limited (MDA)

Salaksone Korasack1 & Bounlouane Douangngeune2


       In the New Economy characterized by properties such as globalization, intangibility and inter-connectivity, business organization are required to face new challenges, especially the changing nature of competition coupled with the enhanced dynamism and complexity of the environment in which they operate. Once of the current strategic philosophies assisting firms to develop strategic capabilities dealing uncertainly is knowledge management (KM). Through the systematic acquisition, creation, sharing, and use of knowledge, organizations develop, renew and exploit their knowledge-based resources, thereby allowing them to be proactive and adaptable to external changes and attain competitive success in the future.

     The objectives of this research are to identify the current knowledge structure and management in MDA (as well as in context of Laosamay Group) and to investigate and identify optimal knowledge management system of MDA incorporating in understanding and the needs of KM the team and employees of MDA by implementing an Experimental Case study.

     The study divided into three parts according to the experimental process, the first part was marking understanding on knowledge Management to all employees in MDA’s Kapsone Farm and making survey on the needs for KM, current problems and current KM situation with organization. Second part was the beginning of the experimental occurring within the organization. The third part was the last past, was to checking for the effectiveness of each activities that had been implemented by the experimental process, to find out the most optimal activities and practices for the creating the knowledge Management System and for future development of organization’s KM practice.          

2 Laos-japan Human Resource Development institute, National University of Laos, Vientiane, Lao PDR

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