LJI Business Management Journal

Volume. 9, Published on September 2018, Page 40

A study on effect of transformational leaderships on employee’s performance in KVP Security Service Co., Ltd

Anna Souvannavong & Bounlouane Douangngeune


       The main objectives of this are to examine the utilization of agreements and cooperative framework relating to economic and international trade in the context of plausible change resulting from economic integration of the ASEAN in order to push for adjustments, remove restrictions on trade and investment in the ASEAN, and enhance connectivity in terms of economics and international trade among ASEAN countries and provide policy recommendations and suggest strategies for government and private sectors to prepare for changes in various contexts resulted from the implementation of agreements and frameworks within the region.

      The study of regulatory measures and reformation in many countries reveals that member countries of the ASEAN have been reviewing and revising their law and regulation to be more modernized and favorable to regional trade the study from ASEAN members shows that the government has been promoting transparency in legislative process by conduct a public hearing before enactment of orders, rules or regulations. This is in accordance with international standard. However, the public hearing process should be included since the drafting process not only before enactment. All stakeholders including representatives from small and large companies should be invited to comment and design policy together with public sector so that the issued regulation would satisfy major needs and practically solved the problem. Other suggestions are enforcing existing agreement on regional transportation and redefining regional dispute settlement procedure. Every member states of the ASEAN should cooperatively design, clarify and enhance regional settlement mechanism on principles of responsiveness, transparency, simplicity and accessibility. This would guarantee all producers in the ASEAN that they would receive fair legal treatment regardless of their nationalities.

Laos-Japan Human Resource Development institute, National University of Laos, Vientiane, Lao PDR

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Anna Souvannavong & Bounlouane Douangngeune (2018). A study on effect of transformational leaderships on employee’s performance in KVP Security Service Co., Ltd. LJI Business Management Journal, 9, pp 40.